Core Features

  • Architechture created with optimal security and durability in mind
  • Fine-grained access level control and customized pricing and white-labeling features
  • Extensive logging of all activities
  • Transaction based handling of policy invoices and claim payments
  • Powerful reporting engine with customizeable report templates. Supports multiple file formats; finally get those Microsoft Excel files with proper fomatting and data types.
  • Insights module with visual reporting of key trends and KPIs
  • Scheduling of activities
  • Direct communication with customers through SMS or email
  • Powerful document templating engine using Word document as templates for PDF generation (policy certificates, wordings, etc).
  • Our CI Integration Module offers a complete framework for communicating with external systems. Implemented solutions range from invoicing through Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to a complete claims integration with insurer’s backend system and data warehouses.
  • We help you being in compliance with Solvency II

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